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Application scope

All content and photos on this web site belong to Pheona Kerr.   My photos can be used for educational and artistic purposes. If you wish to use the content of my web site or my business for  a purpose of your own you should first have my consent.


I only ask for necessary information and this is only shared with relevant legal bodies according to GDPR legislation.  I do not share personal information with any third parties unless it is for a reason connected to providing proper services for B&B or for your holiday. Any information given to me is treated in confidence and stored in a secure location.  I may add your email address to my mailing list for a period of  .   This is to inform you of changes or newsletters which may be of interest.  If you wish to remove your email address you only have to email me and ask to unsubscribe.  
Similarly I ask for my privacy to be respected and any photos taken in my home should only be used for personal purposes.

Limitation of liability

As a B&B I make every effort to comply with European Legislation.   However sometimes accidents happen and I cannot take liability for these.   Visitors must ensure their own travel insurance in case of any mishap.   This should also include any medical insurance, insurance. 


If you require help or assistance in planning your holiday please ask.....    I am a real person!

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