Come to the mountains for peace and tranquility.  Learn art, or English, or take tours of the local area.
Experience the traditional recipes and enjoy the personal artistic location of artist Pheona Kerr.

The concept

Learn English on a week-long holiday, in a beautiful little village in the Italian mountains, as guests of native speaker Pheona Kerr and bilingual teacher Giulia Desimone.  

You will be encouraged to speak English all day in lessons tailored to meet your abilities.  The groups are small, and the emphasis is that learning shoul be fun!

We know, through our many years of experience, that people learn quickly if they are comfortable, relaxed, and the lessons are presented in creative ways - according to the individual.

If you require English for business, or school exams please tell us in advance and we can organise a programme specifically for your needs.


  • Excellent tuition
  • Beautiful 'English country garden'
  • Full immersion
  • Traditional British meals (healthy)
  • Learning is FUN!
  • Holiday atmosphere
  • Enjoy the area